My career has been in pursuit of great challenges and learning opportunities. These guiding signals have served me well thus far, kindly summed in my Forbes Under 30 in Science honors:

Lavin is something of a polymath, having been a literal rocket scientist at NASA and Blue Origin before turning his hand to AI development.

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Places I’ve worked

Pasteur Labs & ISI | Founder

Latent Sciences | Founder

Patented AI engine for predictive modeling in heterogeneous, longitudinal diseases, with a focus on neurodegeneratives:, a JnJ startup, acquired in 2020.

Vicarious AI | Sr. Research Engineer

Building general artificial intelligence for robotics. My main contributions were towards the neuro-inspired vision system Recursive Cortical Network (see “Common sense, Cortex, and CAPTCHA”), robotic motion planning and trajectory optimzation algorithms, and general software architecture.

Numenta | Sr. Research & Software Engineer

Numenta aims to reverse-engineer the neocortex. My work was developing the biologically derived machine learning algorithms for time-series analytics and natural language processing (NLP).

NASA | AI, Systems Engineering

Currently: AI Advisor with the NASA Frontier Development Lab.

Previously: Systems design for reentry vehicle carrying scientific experiment samples from the Int’l Space Station.

Technion | Rocket Propulsion Researcher

Research hybrid fuel propulsion engines, design and build firing testbed.

Hyperloop Transportation Tech | Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Led the mechanical design of early versions of Hyperloop passenger-carrying capsule.


Carnegie Mellon University | Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Studied computational mechanics, led a lunar rover team with Astrobotic for the Google XPrize (winning $1.75M), and researched structural optimization algorithms in collaboration with Blue Origin.

Duke University | Masters in Engineering Management

Concentration in Technology Innovation, including commercialization of brain-sensor technology as a NASA spin-out.

Cornell University | B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Studied mechanical & aerospace engineering – research thesis on cubesat dynamics. Also captain of the men’s varsity golf team.